About product

It affects modern and advanced tanks, lightly armored vehicles, fortifications, low-speed air, surface and other targets at any time of the day, in difficult weather conditions and in conditions of radio electronic and optical interference organized by the enemy.

Tactical characteristics

The complex provides shooting:

when you roll the car on board

±15 degrees

when trimming the car on the bow or stern

±5 degrees

Technical rate of fire

2-4 shots / min

General characteristics

  • Constant combat readiness - production up to four shots without reloading the launcher.
  • Facilitate the process of finding the target, its tracking and missile guidance at the target due to the use of electromechanical drives.
  • The possibility of firing a volley with two missiles at one particularly dangerous target.
  • The Quartet launcher is a further continuation of the improvement of the Kornet-E anti-tank missile system in terms of increasing its mobility and usability.
  • Due to placement on light carriers, it is able to move quickly, deliver fire strikes and change positions. It can be effectively used in the stationary version, for example, to protect the coast.

Additional Information

A turret with four guides with rockets, a sight - a pointing device, a thermal sight and operator's seat.

The turret is designed to install, fix the sight and two pairs of guides with rockets, ensure their rotation in the vertical and horizontal planes, as well as to place instruments and mechanisms that provide control of the launcher, preparation and production of launch. If you need to use a thermal imager, it is fixed on the side surface of the sight.

Combat bed

5 guided missiles are placed in the ammunition in hermetic transport-launch containers and 4 are on the guides.

Testing equipment

Test equipment to test the launcher. Test equipment for checking thermal imaging sight.

Training - training tools

Training of the anti-tank missile system operators in detecting, tracking and hitting the simulated targets without spending ammunition, improving and maintaining the acquired skills through subsequent training.