About product

Intended to destroy modern and prospective tanks, including those equipped with dynamic protection, low-tonnage surface targets, low-flying air targets, fortifications, manpower in shelters and in open areas during the day and at night in simple and complex weather conditions and in the presence of dusty and glacial clouds.

Tactical characteristics

Missiles control system

radio command control system, includes a radio command receiver and a transponder unit with a flash lamp located in the instrument compartment of the missile

Warhead caliber

130 mm

Missile length in a transport launch container

1832 mm

Missile weight in a transport launch container

not more than 50 kg

Terms of combat use of missiles:

- altitude range above sea level

- temperature range

0…4000 m



  • 9P149 combat vehicle (MTLB chassis);
  • guided projectile 9M114;
  • rocket controlled 9M114F;
  • 9M120 guided missile;
  • 9M120F guided missile;
  • rocket controlled 9M120F-1;
  • anti-tank guided missile 9M120-1;
  • rocket controlled 9M120-1F;
  • rocket controlled 9M120-1F-1;
  • machine test 9V868;
  • test equipment 9V540;
  • Spare parts kit (single, group and repair);
  • 9F618M1 simulator;
  • practical guided missile 9M114PRAKT;
  • practical guided missile 9M120PRAKT;
  • practical guided missile 9М120-1ПРАКТ;
  • training missiles (overall weight models) 9М114 МАКЕТ, 9М120 МАКЕТ;
  • 9M120UCHEBN training rocket;
  • 9M114Razr split missile;
  • 9M120Razr split missile;
  • 9M120FRazr split missile;
  • a set of educational and technical posters.

General characteristics

Fighting vehicle 9P149

Fighting vehicle 9P149 is intended to combat mobile and stationary ground and air targets, short-term storage, transportation, launch and guidance of the missile at the target and is a self-propelled launcher equipped with means for detecting targets, missile guidance, communications and power supply.

Fighting machine 9P149 created on the basis of the chassis MTLB. The crew car 9P149 consists of 2 people. Machines have high maneuverability and are capable of operating in the conditions of the damaging factors of weapons of mass destruction. The ammunition of the 9P149 combat vehicle is 12 9M114, 9M120, 9M120-1, 9M114F, 9M120F, 9M120F-1, 9M120-1F, 9M120-1F-1 missiles in an automated warhead. The loading of the retractable launcher from the automated combat pack of combat vehicles is performed automatically. Loading missiles into the ammunition is done manually. On the retractable launcher of combat vehicles is one container with a rocket.

9P149 combat vehicle is equipped with an optical control device and a command radio link. To ensure shooting at night, target illumination is necessary, for example, lighting projectiles.

The working letter frequency of the command radio link is set by the switch before charging, the code of the command radio link is set by the switch. The parameters of the program "Dust" of the rocket flight are set mechanically on the control panel before the rocket is launched.

The rate of fire fighting vehicles to 3-4 shots per minute.

The rockets launch is performed from the place, sequentially, with an interval of 20 seconds.

9P149 combat vehicle firing sector:

- in azimuth from minus 85 to plus 85 degrees;

- on a corner of a place from minus 5 to plus 15 degrees.

The maximum missile firing range is at least 5000 m.

The minimum missile firing range is 400 m.

Terms of combat use of Fighting machine:

- altitude range above sea level - 0 ... 3000 m;

- temperature range - from minus 40 to plus 50 ° C.

The height range of the combat use of missiles above sea level:

- for 9M114, 9M114F missiles —— 0 ... 3000 m;

- for 9M120, 9M120F, 9M120F-1 missiles, 0 ... 4,000 m;

- for 9M120-1, 9M120-1F, 9M120-1F-1 missiles, 0 ... 4,000 m.

Checks the functioning of the combat vehicle 9P149 performed on the PMV 9V868.

Missiles guided 9M120, 9M120F, 9M120F-1

The rocket is made by aerodynamic "duck". In the tail of the rocket are located instrumental part of the rocket. The rocket control system includes a radio receiver and a transponder located in the hardware of the rocket, which provides command guidance of the rocket with the transmission of commands via the command radio link. The working letter frequency of the rocket radio receiver, corresponding to the letter frequency of the command radio link, is set mechanically before loading, the code of the command radio link is set to the hardware part of the missile by applying voltage to the launcher contacts.