About product

9К132 «Sturm-SM» upgraded self-propelled anti-tank missile system is intended to destroy modern and prospective tanks, including those equipped with dynamic protection, low-tonnage surface targets, low-flying air targets, defenses, manpower in shelters and in open areas during the day and at night in simple and adverse weather conditions and in the presence of dust and snowy conditions.


  • 9П149М combat vehicle;
  • 9М114 guided projectile;
  • 9М114Ф guided missile;
  • 9М120 guided missile;
  • 9М120Ф guided missile;
  • 9М120Ф-1 guided missile;
  • 9М120-1 anti-tank guided missile;
  • 9М120-1Ф guided missile;
  • 9М120-1Ф-1 guided missile;
  • 9В868М test and check machine (for testing the combat vehicle);
  • spare parts kit (single, group and repair);
  • 9Ф869 classroom simulator (for training 9П149М combat vehicle operators );
  • 9М114ПРАКТ practical guided missile;
  • 9М120ПРАКТ practical guided missile;
  • 9М120-1ПРАКТ practical guided missile;
  • 9М114МАКЕТ, 9М120МАКЕТ training missiles (overall weight models);
  • 9М120УЧЕБН training missile;
  • 9М114Разр split missile;
  • 9М120Разр split missile;
  • 9М120ФРазр split missile;
  • educational and technical posters set.

General characteristics

9П149М combat vehicle

9П149М combat vehicle is intended to combat mobile and stationary ground and air targets, short-term storage, transportation, launch and guidance of 9M120 missile and its modifications to the target and is a self-propelled launcher equipped with means for detecting targets, missile guidance, communications and power supply.

9П149М combat vehicle is based on МТЛБ chassis. The 9П149М crew consists of 2 persons. Machines have high maneuverability and are capable of operating in the conditions of the damaging factors of weapons of mass destruction. 9P149M combat vehicle ammunition is up to 10 - 12 9М120 (9М120-1) and 9М120Ф (9М120-1Ф) missiles in an automated combat pack. Loading a retractable launcher from an automated combat pack of combat vehicles with a choice of rocket type is performed automatically. Loading missiles into the ammunition is done manually. On the retractable launcher of combat vehicles is one container with a missile.

9П149М combat vehicle is equipped with a thermal television control device and a command radio link.

The working letter frequency of the command radio link is set by the switch before charging, the code of the command radio link is set by the switch. The parameters of the program «Dust» of the rocket flight are set mechanically on the control panel before the rocket is launched.

9П149М combat vehicle firing rate:

3-4 shots per minute. The missileы launch is performed with еру interval of 20 seconds

9П149М combat vehicle firing sector:
- on azimuth
- on elevation

from -85 ° to + 85° degrees;
from -5° to +15°

Maximum missile range:
During the day:
- 9М114, 9М114Ф, 9М120, 9М120Ф, 9М120Ф-1 missiles
- 9М120-1, 9М120-1Ф, 9М120-1Ф-1 missiles
At night and at dusk in simple weather conditions without target illumination
At night with the target illumination:
- 9М114, 9М114Ф, 9М120, 9М120Ф, 9М120Ф-1 missiles
- 9М120-1, 9М120-1Ф, 9М120-1Ф-1 missiles

not less than 5000 m
6000 m
3500 m

not less than 5000 m
6000 m

Minimum missile range

400 m

Terms of combat use of combat vehicle:
- altitude range above sea level
- temperature range

0…3000 m
from -40° to +50°C.

The height range of the combat use of missiles above sea level:
- 9М114, 9М114Ф missiles
- 9М120, 9М120Ф, 9М120Ф-1 missiles
- 9М120-1, 9М120-1Ф, 9М120-1Ф-1 missiles

0…3000 m
0…4000 m
0…4000 m

9П149М combat vehicle functioning verification is carried out at 9В868М control test machine.

9М120-1, 9М120-1Ф, 9М120-1Ф-1 guided missiles.

The missile is made by «duck» aerodynamic scheme. In the tail of the rocket are located instrumental part of the rocket.

The rocket control system includes a radio receiver, a photo-receiver device and a transponder located in the hardware of the rocket, which provides command guidance of the rocket with the commands transmission over the radio link or semi-automatic guidance of the rocket in the laser beam

The working letter frequency of the rocket radio receiver, corresponding to the letter frequency of the command radio link, is set mechanically before loading, the code of the command radio link is set to the hardware part of the missile by applying voltage to the launcher contacts. Switching to the laser channel mode of guidance and its letter is set by the voltage on the contacts of the launcher

The command and control system of the radio command and laser-beam missiles includes a radio command receiver located in the instrument compartment of the rocket, a photodetector unit and a transponder unit with a flash lamp. The type of control system is set by starting pulses

The type 9M120-1 rocket in the container pipe, mounted on the launcher, makes it possible to fire after the carrier overcomes a water barrier to a depth of 5 m.

The 9M120-1 type missiles do not need to be checked at test equipment during operation

9В868М control test machine

Сontrol test machine is intended to test 9П149М and 9П149 combat vehicles operation as well as to troubleshoot with an accuracy to a constructively replaceable unit without disconnecting cable communication lines and removing equipment from the test object, as well as to monitor the units from the group spare parts and accessories setting up the equipment after replacing the faulty unit..

9В868М control test machine composition includes:

  • К131 body van on ЗИЛ-131Н car chassis;
  • electrical unit;
  • rectifier unit;
  • filter to the rectifier unit;
  • 9В546 device for checking drives ;
  • 9В549 test equipment ;
  • 9В565 test equipment ;
  • 9В5002 test equipment ;
  • 9В547.00.000 device for checking calculators ;
  • 9М114 9Ф716 simulator products ;
  • 9В732 control instrumentation equipment ;
  • standard measuring devices: frequency meter, oscilloscope, voltmeter, megohmmeter, combined instrument;
  • operational documentation set.

9В868М control test machine incorporates with 16 kV·A electrical installation with a voltage of 380 V (three phases with a frequency of 50 Hz) for autonomous power supply of both the inspection machine equipment and the object being inspected, with power taken from the motor shaft of the base chassis. Inspection machine can be powered from an external AC mains voltage of 380 V ± 10% with a frequency of (50 ± 1) Hz. .

9В868М control test machine specifications

The method of controlling the parameters of the combat vehicle and SPTA units of the equipment of these products is parametric, tolerant

Machine time checking one combat vehicle without taking into account the time of connecting and disconnecting cables - 2 hours.

The deployment time of the control test machine from the traveling position to the working position is 2 hours.

Closing time of the control test machine from working position to marching - 15 min.

Duration of continuous work is 8 hours

Control test machine crew - 3 people

The power consumed by the inspection machine from a three-phase network is 380 V ± 10% with a frequency of (50 ± 1) Hz - no more than 16 kV•A.

The time of control test machine readiness for operation from the moment of power-up is 30 minutes.

Electrical unit specifications:

Rated voltage 380 ± 19 V.

Rated power 16 kV • A.

Nominal frequency 50 ± 1 Hz

Phases number – 3.

Assigned work resource - 2000/1000 h/cycles.

Checking of combat vehicle is made while using the inspection machine, located in the test equipment. Before connecting the control cables from the combat machine to the combat machine, the test equipment self-control is performed. With a good test equipment, the cables are connected to the control connectors of the combat machine control equipment, after which the equipment of individual combat machine subsystems is checked. The check is performed by measuring the parameters of individual subsystems of the test object