About product

«Sturm-VU» guided missile system with a multichannel laser-beam guidance system is intended to destroy warehouses, pillboxes, pillboxes, lightly armored vehicles, fixed and mobile ground targets like «tank», low-speed air targets like «helicopter», manpower openly and concentrated in shelters. The complex operates around the clock, in simple and limited weather conditions. Adapted for installation on Ka-52 helicopters.
9M120-1 guided missiles  with a tandem shaped-charge warhead and 9M120-1Ф missiles with a high-explosive warhead are used as weapons.

«Sturm-VU» complex composition, mounted on the «Ka» brand helicopter

  • 24/7 sighting system with laser guidance system equipment and video processing system with the «Hunter» type television target tracking machine,
  • a computer which implements the algorithms for firing and managing the information field in the firing site.

«Sturm-VU » complex interacts with the following helicopter equipment

  • multifunctional indicators of the pilot (2 indicators) and the operator (2 indicators);
  • fire control system;
  • aviation launchers.