About product

The probeless wind parameters determinant (vertical wind speed and direction profile) in real time, their processing, indication and the information transmission to consumers via Ethernet, RS-485 interfaces.
The earth's surface metrological parameters measurement, high-altitude atmosphere sounding based on GLONASS/GPS satellite navigation platforms, probe-free vertical wind profile determination in the radar mode, information measurements and transmission processing in order to ensure the preparation and launching of Carrier rocket at the Baikonur cosmodrome.

General information

The probeless wind parameter identifier is a further meteorological complex 1B67 development to be used in civilian industries. Compared to the meteorological complex, the 1B67 has an increased energy potential by 10 dB, which made it possible to increase the maximum sounding height to km.


  • 1. Radar wind profiles.
  • 2. Power supply and switching.
  • 3. A set of connecting cables.
  • 4. Spare parts kit.

In addition, at the customer’s request

  • 1. Tripod.
  • 2. Personal electronic computer.