About product

It is intended to measure meteorological parameters at the earth's surface, high-altitude atmospheric sounding based on GLONASS/GPS satellite navigation platforms, probe-free determination of the vertical wind profile up to 50 m/s in the radar mode, measurement processing and information transmission via wireless communication channels in the form required to be used according to the interests of ensuring the preparation and launching of the carrier rocket at the cosmodrome.


  • Power supply system with an autonomous power source.
  • Broadband access and communication equipment.
  • Satellite navigation system, topographic location and orientation.
  • On-board information management system.
  • UD-M211 documenting device.
  • Climatic equipment.
  • Product 1B65B.
  • Cylinders with helium.
  • Latex shell.
  • Radio probe.
  • Probeless wind parameters determinant.
  • «Polyus» base station.
  • Elling.