About product

It is intended for fire support infantry, airborne and special army units.

Tactical characteristics

Shooting mode


Rate of fire, shots/min.


Cartridge capacity, shots


Weight, kg:

АГС-30 without sight

and cartridge boxes




АГС-30 overall dimensions in the machine version, mm


Key features

  • second generation complex is mobile and efficient means of destruction of single and group targets frag ammunition.
  • for the first time for a weapon of the current class provided the opportunity of transporting a grenade launcher with a machine, both in transport and in combat position.
  • high fire efficiency is achieved by using smoke-screen grenade launcher-30 shot, which provides an increase in the maximum range of fire to 2100m.
  • the main sight for the easel and turret versions of the complex is a panoramic optical sight, the auxiliary one is a mechanical one.
  • increased wearable ammunition without increasing the permissible weight load on the combat crew.
  • the opportunity of firing from unprepared positions is achieved thanks to a new original design of a tripod machine, which provides stability when firing from any ground and allows firing from unprepared positions.
  • accuracy and accuracy of firing are ensured by the unstressed operation of the automatic grenade launcher, the optimal rate of fire.

Additional information

At the customer’s request, AGS-30 complex can be completed with a day-night sighting system, a radar sight can be used to monitor the situation and conduct aimed fire in the absence of optical visibility.