About product

New universal assault weapons, allowing to perform tasks on fire support in various conditions of close combat.

Execution options:

A disposable jet shot in a high-explosive and high-explosive fragmentation equipment with reusable starting device:

  • launcher;
  • shot in high-explosive equipment;
  • shot in high-explosive fragmentation equipment.

Key features

  • various shots types equipment;
  • opportunity to use the sight type, depending on the use terms;
  • high efficiency and power of ammunition with low weight and small dimensions;
  • the opportunity to fire from enclosed spaces of 30 m3;
  • user-friendly complex, always ready to use from the provisions of «standing», «lying» and «from the knee», including in limited visibility conditions;
  • distinguished by high reliability and safety in circulation;
  • it is convenient at transportation, movement on strongly cross-country terrain, aircraft landing.

Additional information

ГК62-Т electronic simulator is used for training in combat «Bur» small-sized grenade launcher complex firing rules.

ГК62-Т simulator allows to simulate a different combat situation within classroom conditions and train the grenade throwers in the rules of shooting, depending on its conditions..