About product

«Pump-action» reloading universal weapon, with different grenades types, including non-lethal. It can be used without restrictions in urban combat conditions, including inside buildings.

Key features

  • «Pump» reloading and a closed receiver guarantee the weapon reliability. A constructive scheme with a movable trunk, located under the magazine, is located in ГМ-94 . Manual reloading (so-called pump action) ensures trouble-free operation when using different ammunition types. Reflecting the liner down provides easy shooting, both from the right and from the left shoulder.
  • minimum unmasking signs: low sound level, absence of muzzle flame, possibility of firing from premises of any size and vehicles.
  • a clearly localized zone of destruction of the enemy when using thermobaric shatterproof ammunition, which allows to use this weapon at an extremely short distance, inside buildings, with minimal risk of defeating your own personnel.
  • ГМ-94 shots with various grenades types are used for firing from a ГМ-94 grenade launcher. Their list includes shots with thermobaric and high-explosive frag grenades. The gamma of non-lethal ammunition for ГМ-94 includes shots with an irritating grenade, a noise-noise grenade, which gives a blinding flash, accompanied by a loud sound. A shock-shock grenade with an elastic striking element is intended for physical impact on public order violators.

Additional information

Training in the treatment rules and methods. Firing from a grenade launcher is carried out while using training firing adaptation of moving pistol grenade launcher ГМ-94.