About product

It is an effective means of practicing the methods of firing of grenade launchers, providing a high training level of students with multiple cost reductions.


  • starting device - regular combat grenade launchers
  • ПУС-7В pump grenade launcher

Key features

  • pump grenade launcher allow conducting training at any military shooting ranges and in closed shooting conditions, where the use of even inert grenade launchers is impossible.
  • providing a complete imitation of mass and dimensional characteristics, methods of aiming and firing of a combat sample, in pump grenade launcher they are used for firing 7.62 mm caliber cartridges whose bullet trajectory is close to the grenade's trajectory. The tracer bullets use for firing from pump grenade launcher provides error control during training.
  • the aim of ensuring the same probability of hitting when firing from the pump grenade launcher-7B and anti-tank rocket launcher-7 grenade launcher at specified firing ranges in the design of the firing device is provided with a rifled barrel with a discharge of a part of the powder gases, providing the required initial speed of a bullet.
  • Shooting is carried out using a grenade launcher firing mechanism.