About product

It is intended to bring them down enemy manpower, located both in open areas and in various types of structures, lightly armored and automotive vehicles, the destruction of fortified buildings, ground or semi-buried buildings of stone, brick or concrete.

Tactical characteristics

Circular dispersion at a distance of 300m, m:





Temperature range, ºС  


Execution options

Reactive shot of disposable thermobaric content with reusable starting device.

Key features

  • new generation of high-precision assault weapons, allowing to resolve a wide range of fire support tasks in close combat;
  • easy to handle;
  • «Schmel» highly efficient jet infantry flamethrower modernization provision:
    - warhead power increase by 2 times;
    - firing range increase by 1.8 times;
    - weight decrease by 1.3 times.
  • position when shooting «standing», «from the knee», «lying»..
  • ammunition carried by one fighter, 1 pack (2 flamethrowers).

Additional information

The flamethrower is always ready for immediate use. During storage the flamethrower is not subject to maintenance.

For teaching the rules of training and combat firing in a classroom environment, 9F700-2M simulator was developed, containing two workplaces for training two flame throwers.