About product

Powerful disposable assault weapons infantry with three types of shots and the action effectiveness on the target at the field artillery level. Doesn’t require special training.

Key features:

  • manual infantry flamethrower-A (thermobaric) Affects the living force of the enemy within urban development conditions, field conditions, mountains, and also destroys shelters and lightly armored equipment;
  • manual infantry flamethrower-D (smoke) Creates a smoke screen, blinding the calculations of fire weapons, and intolerable conditions in various shelters;
  • manual infantry flamethrower-Z (incendiary) Intended to create landscape fires and the ones in buildings, structures and warehouses of fuel and lubricants;
  • easy to handle, always ready to use from the provisions of «standing», «lying» and «from the knee»;
  • ammunition carried by one fighter, 1 pack (2 flamethrowers).

Additional information

These shots allow firing from the premises with a volume of more than 60 m3, and for the high-explosive, blinding and igniting action they are not inferior to 105-mm artillery shells of similar importance. The flamethrower is easy to use - for learning a flamethrower, it is enough to study the memo placed on the flamethrower.

Training aids:

  • training flamethrower;
  • adjustment of training shooting of pump grenade launcher manual infantry flamethrower-A (M)..

For training in combat firing rules within training classroom, a 9F700-2 simulator was developed, containing two workplaces for training two flame throwers.

Training flamethrower manual infantry flamethrower-A is intended for staff training in shooting techniques within field conditions with imitation of all conditions of a real shot.

Adaptation of training firing pump grenade launcher manual infantry flamethrower-A (M) provides for imitation of mass overall characteristics, aiming techniques and firing of a flamethrower. The pump grenade launcher is used for firing ammunition of 7.62 mm caliber, the trajectory of the bullet which is close to the trajectory of the flamethrower capsule. The use of tracer bullets for firing from pump grenade launcher provides error control during training.