About product

The new generation jet flamethrowers which implies using innovative technical solutions. An indispensable weapon in anti-terrorist hostilities.


  • launch canister;
  • shell with metallized fire mixture;
  • igniter composition;
  • reactive expelling (compensatory) engine.

Key features

  • for the first time in world practice, a manual jet flamethrower of factory equipment appeared, using one fire mixture in the temperature range of ± 50ºС, which is little sensitive to the force and direction of the wind, practically having no recoil when fired, allowing flamethrowing from limited volumes;
  • can be used to create fires inside buildings and structures containing combustible materials, as well as in areas covered with dry vegetation;
  • differs in high reliability and safety in circulation. During storage period is not subject to maintenance.
  • especially effective in mountainous areas creating intolerable conditions for the enemy in caves, crevasses and shelters;
  • substantially exceeds the best domestic jet samples in basic tactical and technical characteristics:
    - by flame throwing range 1.7 times;
    - by the fire mixture number delivered to the maximum range by 10–12 times;
  • easy to use, always ready to use from the position of «standing», «lying», «from the knee»;
  • for the convenience of carrying flamethrowers, they can be combined in pairs, including with regular infantry flamethrowers manual infantry flamethrower - A (Z, D) in a quick-folding bag, carried by one flamethrower in the «back» position.