About product

It is intended to practice practical shooting and other shooting disciplines as well. Meets the "serial" class requirements of the International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC).

Key features:

  • Developed on ГШ-18 combat pistol basis and has got the following modifications:
  • ГШ-18 Sport - store capacity 10 cartridges;
  • ГШ-18 Sport 2 - store capacity 18 cartridges;
  • the firing mechanism design with a recharging of a combat spring completely eliminates the inertial pricking, as well as provides a stable descent force and the trigger stroke, both in the first and in subsequent shots.
  • the spent cartridge reflection case up and back provides the firing convenience from the right and from the left hand at a different cover’s location.
  • firing-type trigger mechanism provides deep pistol landing in hand. The low barrel bore axis location reduces the weapon throwing when fired while its low mass allows to be brought to the fire line as quickly as possible.
  • ГШ-18 Sport is distinguished by maximum combat readiness, high survivability, good shooting accuracy, a large storage capacity (ГШ-18 Sport 2), and an ergonomic handle as well as the basic model.