About product

Luxury shotguns with vertical barrels. It is intended for amateur hunting. Various equipment hunting cartridges are used.

Key features:

  • There are various barrels combinations for shotguns and bullet hunting cartridges. Locking is carried out with two frames on three hooks. Percussion and trigger mechanisms with interceptor triggers, with one universal trigger or two triggers, with or without a tuner for shooting from a rifled barrel, are mounted on separate side bases. Ejector mechanism, non-automatic fuse.
  • Guns are made with various trunks blocks options. The rifled and combined guns barrels channels are chrome-plated. Rifled barrel channels rifles has got an open and optical sights.

Additional information

МЦ109-12, МЦ109-01 guns were awarded by «GRAND PRIX» Grand Golden Medal within the International Exhibition in Paris, 1972. and the Gold International Leipzig Fair Medal, 1987.

Made by the individual order. Fine manual parts and mechanisms fitting, impeccable materials quality, highly artistic finish. The outer metal parts surfaces are decorated with engraving and embossed embossing. Engraving and relief embossing plots, notches type at the customer’s request.