About product

Luxury, reliable and elegant guns. Intended for amateur hunting. Various equipment hunting cartridges are used.

Key features:

  • trunks in various options detachable are located in a horizontal plane, connected to the box;
  • rifled trunks channels are chrome-plated. The trigger mechanism with two triggers is mounted on a single base. Equipped with a sleeve reflection mechanism;
  • there is an automatic fuse and interceptor triggers to exclude the random shot possibility.

Additional information

МЦ110-12 gun was awarded by the Gold Medal of the International Fair in Zagreb, 1976.

Manufactured at individual customers’ requests. Exceptional performance quality. The magnificent relief engraving, the thinnest decorative notch on the butt and handguard are made of high-quality walnut. The plot engraving and embossing conciseness. Plots of an engraving and relief embossing, notches type at the customer’s request.

МЦ110-07 and МЦ110-09 guns are equipped with open and optical sights..