About product

The true guns work of art, made in the classical style. Intended for amateur hunting. Various equipment hunting cartridges are used.

Key features:

  • luxury rifles: classic English style, form completeness and proportionality, fine manual fitting of parts and mechanisms, impeccable materials quality used;
  • guns are made with various trunks blocks options. The rifled barrels channels are chromed;
  • percussion and trigger with two or one universal trigger mounted on separate bases;
  • hammers cocked in the trunks opening process. There is a manual fuse and trigger interceptor in order to eliminate the accidental firing possibility;
  • Open and optical sights are installed on the guns with rifled channels of МЦ111-07 and МЦ111-09 barrels.

Additional information

МЦ111-12 gun was awarded the Grand Golden Medal «GRAND-PRIX» International Exhibition in Paris, 1972

The rifles are made individually at the customers’ requests. Exquisite engraving and embossing complement the gun appearance. Engraving and relief embossing plots, notches type at the customer’s request.