About product

It is intended for amateur hunting. Excellent purchase for both a professional hunter and a collector - a true hunting weapons connoisseur. Intended for 7.62x51 cartridge (308 Winchester).

Key features:

  • It's luxury carbine. The strict classical style, elegant appearance, is perfectly balanced, which ensures its stability at the shooting moment, the fine manual fit of parts and mechanisms, the impeccable quality of the materials used. Finishing of a box, plots of an engraving at the choice of the customer.
  • The trigger mechanism is mounted on a separate basis. Automatic reloading carbine carried by the powder gases energy, discharged from the barrel. The barrel is chrome-plated. The barrel with the box is separated from the box without the tools use. The sight is open and closed.

Additional information

It is made by the individual order. The carbine was awarded by the Bronze Quality Mark, Moscow, 2000.