About product

It is intended for commercial and amateur hunting. Designed for hunting rifle annular ignition 5.6mm caliber cartridges

Key features:

  • The carbine design provides a chance to shoot in self-loading and non-self-loading modes. The transition from one shooting type to another is done by turning the reload knob;
  • To ensure the different power cartridges use provided for rigid locking of the barrel, while reloading is carried out manually. Shop box detachable for 10 rounds;
  • The barrel with the box is separated from the box without the tools use. The barrel is chrome-plated. The trigger type mechanism is mounted on a separate basis. The carbine disassembly for cleaning and lubrication without tools;
  • Open and optical sights.

Additional information

The carbine was awarded by Bronze Quality Mark, Moscow, 2000. Issued in small batches. The box is made of walnut.