About product

Unique guns which doesn’t have any world analogues. Intended for commercial and amateur hunting. Various equipment hunting cartridges are available.

Key features:

  • - a unique revolver scheme and a double-action trigger mechanism combination provides reliable operation and an opportunity to fire a shot while using both a self-cocked and pre-cocked trigger, as well as from any drum chamber, chosen by the hunter;
  • - a successful classic «hunting» appearance and revolver reloading scheme combination. The stock and handguard are made of beech or walnut;
  • - loading piece, simultaneous spent cartridges extraction. For loading and unloading the drum swings to the left;
  • - the barrel bore is chromed. The barrel has replaceable choke devices.

Additional information

The gun models’ series production has been launched since 2000. Awarded by silver quality mark, Moscow, 2000.