About product

It is intended for commercial and amateur hunting. Applied cartridges 9,3x62, 8x57JS, 308Win 30-06Spr.

Key features:

  • the carbine design provides a chance to replace the shafts during operation. Fixing the trunks in the box is a terminal connection with two screws and a transverse screw of the barrel;
  • the carbine is recharged automatically due to the energy of the powder gases discharged into the gas chamber through the hole in the wall of the barrel;
  • the barrel bore is locked by three bolt protrusions that extend beyond the receiver’s combat stops, which ensures the locking assembly strength;
  • hammer-type firing mechanism is mounted on a separate basis. The fuse is located in the trigger guard and blocks the sear descent.

Additional information

It is made by the individual order. Lodge was made of walnut.

It is completed with an optical sight on the bracket with a lumen, which allows firing while using an open sight, without removing the optical one, and also with two magazines: for cartridges 9,3x62; 8x57JS and for .308Win cartridges; .30-06Spr .