About product

It is intended for commercial and amateur hunting. Cartridges 9,3x62, 8x57JS; .308Win, .30-06Spr and .22LR are applied.

Key features:

  • the carbine design allows the shafts replacement during operation. Fixing the barrel in the box is a terminal connection with three screws;
  • the carbine is reloaded manually when the bolt is moved to the rearmost position, and then to the forward position. Locking is done by turning the shutter at 60°. Trigger and safety mechanisms are located in the box. A fuse mounted on the right side of the box tail blocks the trigger. The cocked schneller is lowered when fused.

Additional information

It is made by the individual order. Walnut lodge.

It is completed with an optical sight, mounting device for an optical sight, swivels, store for cartridges 9,3x62; 8x57JS; .308Win; .30-06Spr.