About product

Unique design scheme shotguns. «Lynx» hunting shotguns series includes various modifications differing in barrel length, butt design, and firing mechanism type. Can be used for security activities.

Key features:

  • a unique structural scheme with a movable barrel located under the magazine, which made it possible to abandon the classic longitudinal-sliding bolt, made the gun safer and shorter without shortening the barrel length.
  • the lower barrel location reduced the weapon tossing when fired, and the reflection of the sleeve downward provides ease of shooting from any shoulder. The «forward-backward» reloading cycle and conveniently located handguard contribute to the correct manufacture and, as a result, the shooting accuracy;
  • the shop window closed by a cover, absence of a window for reflection of cartridges exclude ingress of dirt into the gun mechanisms;
  • replaceable muzzle devices are used for various tasks performance.

Additional information

Shotguns mass production. Guns were awarded by the Gold Medal, Brussels, 1999, the Gold Medal, Geneva, 2000, the Golden Mark of Quality, Moscow, 1999 and Platinum Quality Mark, Moscow, 2000.