About product

Universal, highly effective, modern automatic weapons for combat, both on land and under water.

Key features:

  • increased combat readiness is provided by the presence of an automatic fuse. Reflection of a spent cartridge case makes it convenient to shoot from the right and left shoulders, and also reduces gas pollution in the area of the shooter’s face. Closed receiver increases the reliability of the weapon in difficult conditions. The integrated grenade launcher for a caseless grenade greatly expands the fire capabilities of the weapon and surpasses breech-like counterparts in practical rate of fire.
  • 5.45-mm automaton two-medium special machine makes it possible to almost halve the weight of the weapons worn by special forces. For the first time, two-medium special machine combines the capabilities of a full-time and a special underwater machine. The two-medium complex provides the ability to hit the enemy on land with standard 5.45x39mm cartridges and 40-mm grenade-launcher shots, and underwater with special underwater cartridges.
  • the layout of the bullpup ensured a reduction in the overall length of the weapon while maintaining its combat characteristics.

Additional information

  • It can be completed with a silencer and nozzle for idling. The complex is equipped with a universal strap type «picatinny» for the installation of various sighting devices.
  • Intermediate underwater ammunition cartridge is designed to defeat enemy swimmers when firing underwater from a two-medium automatic АДС assault rifle .
  • Intermediate underwater ammunition cartridge is intended for combat training use and can be used to defeat enemy combat swimmers when firing underwater from a two-medium АДС assault rifles.