About product

It is new generation weapon which combines the latest advances in the design and weapons production of the current class.

ОKey features:

  • a record low weight and large ammunition provides the convenience of constant wear. 18 rounds in the magazine gives an advantage in a combat situation, giving the shooter a significant advantage in the conduct of high-speed and maneuverable melee;
  • maximum combat readiness is ensured by the opportunity of taking with a cartridge in the chamber and an automatic safety lock, the gun is always ready for immediate opening of fire and is completely safe to use. The trigger and firing pin are blocked by automatic fuses and the mainspring cocks just before the shot, when the trigger is pressed;
  • «up and back» shot case reflection does not interfere with the combat work of the group and provides ease of firing from both the right and the left hand;
  • shock-trigger type mechanism provides deep landing in the hand, low location of the axis of the bore and a small shoulder recoil reduces the weapon toss when shooting;
  • frame made of plastic reduced the gun weight and does not corrode.

Additional information

ГШ-18 can fire with both standard 9x19 mm Parabellum cartridges and armor-piercing cartridges intended to destroy protected targets. 7H31 cartridge bullet pierces a steel sheet with a thickness of 8 mm at a distance of 10 m, providing the opportunity of hitting the enemy, protected by a bullet-proof vest with rigid armor elements.