About product

Compact weapon with a record low weight. It performs the functions of the main, concealed carrying weapon, an effective «reserve weapon» which supplements the main one.

Key features:

  • П-96М compact pistol combines minimal weight and dimensions with a large-capacity magazine, high combat readiness and good ergonomics. Rigid adhesion of the barrel with the shutter, has significantly reduced the mass of the shutter relative to models with inertial locking of the barrel. The use of a plastic frame as a material made it possible to significantly reduce the mass and increase the corrosion resistance of the weapon.
  • automatic fuse located on the trigger, ensures the safety of carrying a weapon with a cartridge in the chamber, with maximum weapon readiness.

Additional information

П-96М is able to fire with 7H25 armor-piercing cartridges, which makes it possible to hit the enemy while using the individual armor protection means.

Penetration of a steel sheet 5 mm thick is provided while using 7H25 armor-piercing cartridge