About product

Ultra-compact, modern weapons to create a high fire density at melee distances. It may be compared to a combat pistol by its dimensions.

Key features

  • the minimum weight and dimensions are comparable with the same modern combat pistol parameters. The impact-resistant plastics use has reduced the weight and increased the corrosion resistance of the weapon. ПП-2000 dimensions allow concealed weapons carrying.
  • optimal rate of fire provides full controllability of automatic fire, high accuracy, accuracy and the ability to control the flow of ammunition. ПП-2000 provides a chance to fire on a pistol, with one or two hands, even with bursts, a magazine for 20 rounds is used for food.
  • a high damaging effect is provided by the possibility of using, along with the standard 9x19 mm Para, 7H31 cartridges with an armor-piercing bullet, which makes it possible to hit the enemy using personal armor protection in vehicles for light obstacles.

Additional information

The modular design, the presence of additional accessories allows to adapt the weapon to perform various tasks. It can be completed with a silencer, tactical flashlight, laser sightings of the visible and invisible range, night vision module. The recoil momentum of the pistol cartridge made it possible to use a spare magazine as a shoulder rest or dock the folding stock. Universal bar type picatinny is used to install sights of various types.

When firing from ПП-2000, penetration of steel sheets 8 mm thick at a distance of up to 15 meters is ensured.