About product

Folding automatic weapons concealed carrying to perform special operations.

Key features

  • The main feature of the sample is a folding design. In the folded form, the submachine gun is extremely compact (280x87x30) mm and has the shape of a small pencil case, convenient for concealed carrying.
  • Automation scheme with a free gate. The impact-free operation of the automation and the optimal rate of fire ensure high accuracy and controllability when conducting automatic fire. When firing from a standing position in a continuous burst of 30 rounds at a distance of 25 meters, all the holes are placed in the chest target.
  • Converting PP-90M to the combat position takes no more than 3 seconds.
  • Main application spheres:
    - arming law enforcement officers; VIP security weapons;
    - use in the army as personal defense weapon (PDW).