About product

The most popular weapon type. Universal, trouble-free assault weapons of law enforcement agencies around the world.

Key features:

  • toss the weapon when firing is minimal, which is achieved by the lower barrel location. This reduced the leverage of recoil force by 20 ... 35% and increased the practical fire;
  • the «forward-backward» reloading cycle and the conveniently located fore-end behind the shackle contribute to the correct manufacture and, as a result, the accuracy of shooting;
  • reflection of the spent cartridge case downwards provides convenience of shooting both from the right and from the left shoulder;
  • unlike analogs, РМБ-93 does not have open windows, which during operation can get dust, sand, foreign objects and cause a delay or failure;
  • pump reloading is performed by moving the forearm together with the barrel. The unique design scheme with a movable barrel located under the magazine allowed to abandon the sliding bolt, to obtain a tangible gain in weight, dimensions and capacity of the magazine;
  • trigger self-cocking type mechanism s used in the РМБ-93. The coil spring is cocked only when the trigger is pressed, which allows to advance to send the cartridge in the chamber and to operate the gun with the safety off, ensuring maximum combat readiness. РМБ-93 also has a manual fuse, flags, they control, symmetrically located on both sides of the case.

Additional information

«Lynx» type gun series was developed for the civilian market on РМБ-93 rifles basis.