About product

Effective appliance when conducting special sniper operations which require the target destruction with a single silent and flameless shot.

Key features:

  • compactness, ease of shooting in the class of large-caliber rifles is achieved by using the «bull-pup» layout scheme. The rifle design provides the ergonomic parameters adjustment: the height of the lining and butt shock absorber, folding, height-adjustable bipod;
  • the minimum unmasking signs are provided with a silent and flameless shot due to the use of powerful ammunition with a subsonic speed of a bullet and a silencer of the original design.
  • the special large-caliber cartridge use with a high energy of a bullet provides a significant superiority in effective shooting range, penetration and striking action in comparison with Russian and foreign models of silent weapons.
  • the rifle is equipped with a mechanical dioptric sight and a universal strap for mounting various sighting devices.