About product

It is intended to effectively defeat point and small-sized most important targets in the tactical depth of the enemy troops in all weather conditions and at any time of the day and year:
- large centers and control points;
- communication centers;
- radio electronic security parts and subdivisions;
- air defense facilities (missile defense) and air force;
- the main enemy forces grouping.

Tactical characteristics

Startup preparation time, min.:

from readiness №1


from march


Chassis self-propelled launcher, transport and loading machine

triaxial, high cross, floating

Maximum speed of movement of self-propelled launcher, transport and loading machine, km / h

on highway




Power reserve of self-propelled launcher, transport and loading machine (fully loaded), km


Combat vehicles technical resource, km

15 000

Self-propelled launcher crew, persons


Operation temperature range, degrees

from -40 to +50

The operation term, years

not less than 10, from them 3 years in field conditions

General characteristics

Single-stage missile with an inseparable warhead with a propulsion system on solid fuel, controlled throughout the flight path.

Self-propelled launcher provides:

  • warheads replacement on a missile;
  • coordinates determination of its own location;
  • prelaunch verification and missile aiming;
  • numbers calculation of the flight task;
  • launch of a rocket from an unequipped starting position without leaving the calculation from the cockpit or from the trench using the remote control.

An automated test vehicle provides control of all missile systems and troubleshooting with an indication of a faulty unit.

Transport-loading machine is intended for transportation of missiles, loading and unloading and docking with rockets and warheads.

The machine maintenance is intended for maintenance of equipment self-propelled launcher and Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, autonomous inspections of instruments and their repair.

The transport vehicle is intended to transport and store one or two missiles in containers or up to four warheads in containers.