About product

Marine automated anti-aircraft artillery complex located near of the defense line.
It is intended for the ships defense located on the near frontiers from air attack weapons (anti-ship missiles flying at low and ultra-low altitudes, cruise missiles, airplanes, helicopters, guided planning bombs), as well as to combat lightly armed surface and coastal targets.

Basic principles of creating a complex

  • the artillery installation use of two high-performance automatic 6-barreled cannon АО-18КД;
  • specially designed armor-piercing substage caliber projectile use with TNI alloy, which ensures the guaranteed anti-ship missile unit initiation;
  • especially designed original multi-channel automatic high-precision use, almost all-weather and all-day optical-electronic control system (OECS) weapons;
  • ensuring high noise immunity due to the use for detecting and tracking the narrowly targeted target protected optical-electronic channels;
  • ensuring the opportunity of detecting targets autonomously while using OECS with a sector review and in the mode of obtaining automated target designation;
  • automatic and semi-automatic guidance modes implementation;
  • complex building modular block principle application.

Main benefits

  • high firepower;
  • high combat effectiveness, including for high-speed and low-flying targets;
  • full combat work process automation;
  • short response time (time from the moment the target is detected to the moment the fire is opened);
  • the combat work conducting opportunity at any time of the day and within difficult weather conditions;
  • shooting and high survivability preparation process secrecy;
  • insensitivity to radar and optical countermeasures used by the enemy;
  • high fire performance as well as the ability to quickly transfer fire from one target to another;
  • high modernization potential.