About product

The simulator is intended for simultaneous training of six «Pantsir-ME» combat vehicle anti-aircraft missile system calculations, for resolving professional selection, theoretical and special calculations preparation tasks.

Сomposition of the simulator

  • instructor module containing instructor's workplaces, instructor’s assistant;
  • six working modules, each contains a commander-operator remote control (commander and operator workplaces);
  • video projection equipment;
  • mounting parts set;
  • software;
  • SPTA local package kit;
  • packages kit.

Key Features

The simulator operation principle is based on «Pantsir-ME» combat vehicle anti-aircraft missile system operation modeling in all its applications (automobile armor division, service and combat activities, etc.) in the functional states of the «Initial», «Duty», «Combat work», and «Appropriate functioning monitoring» with a high similarity degree.

The simulator similarity according to the presented video information is provided by displaying on the screens of the video monitors of the commander-operator’s remote control of information similar to that displayed on the video monitors screens.

The simulator similarity according to the presented sound information is provided through the headsets use, being applied in combat vehicle, as well as by the audio communication imitating internal telephone communication presence in combat vehicle and external radio communication between combat vehicle and between combat vehicle e and command post.

The functional simulator similarity is provided by highly realistic modeling of the characteristics of the controls and indication, anti-aircraft missiles flight and antiaircraft shots, as well as fighting ma chine systems operation cyclograms.

The simulator geometric similarity is provided by using the console equipment of the modules of the functioning combat vehicle, outwardly completely similar to the combat vehicle remote equipment.

In general, the simulator is a computing and software combination.

The computing tools hardware basis consists of:

  • two control system units and one modeling system unit, structurally located in the instructor module instrument cabinet;
  • eighteen modeling system units, structurally located in the working modules instrument cabinets.

Software simulator includes:

  • system software;
  • psychodiagnostics software package;
  • theoretical training programs package;
  • special training programs package;
  • service programs package.