About product

It is intended for ships or land stationary objects self-defense against various air attacks, including against anti-ship cruise missiles flying at extremely low altitudes, as well as for firing on small-sized sea and land targets

Tactical characteristics:

Command module

Goals number which the target distribution
is provided for

30 pcs

Weight (without units supply
spare parts kit)

2700 kg

Battle modules

Reaction time, s

Max targets
hit speed

up to 1000 m/s

Weight without ammunition
and power units

7700 kg

Anti-aircraft guided missile

Ammunition on one combat module

Anti-aircraft missiles

48/32 pcs.

on starting devices

8 pcs.

Weight, kg

Anti-aircraft missiles in the transport and launch container

60 kg


42 kg


9 kg

Artillery weapons

Ammunition on one combat module

100 pcs

Shooting cumulative rate

10000 shots/min.

General characteristics

  • accommodation on one ship from one to four complexes;
  • effective wide air targets range defeat;
  • the opportunity of hitting small marine and land targets;
  • high combat performance;
  • combat operations in adverse weather conditions;
  • automatic operation.
  • a distinctive complex advantage is the two weapons types composition availability, as well as radar and optical control systems in a single tower installation, which increases its combat effectiveness compared to counterparts which have each weapon type separately.

Additional information

  • Control recording equipment.
  • Basic maintenance tools.
  • Training aids:
    - command module indoor simulator;
    - combat module indoor simulator.