About product

Automated optic-electronic control system for small and medium caliber artillery mounts of the Navy and Ground troops.
The system provides detection, tracking, high-precision development of artillery weapons guidance and drive control full angles. It can be integrated with 30, 57, 76 and 100 mm artillery mounts used in the fleet and in the ground forces.

Tactical characteristics

Field of view, degrees

  television system

2,0х3,0 / 7,1х9,4

  thermal imaging channel

2,3х3,0 / 5,3х7,1

Angular resolution, mrad

  television system (visible range, matrix of 752x582 elements)


  thermal imaging channel


autotrack range (maximum visibility range = 15 km, p = 80%), km

  airplanes / helicopters / cruise missiles

16...30 / 10...14 / 8...12

Accuracy (circular view station)

  stabilization, mrad


  coordinates determination / range, mrad / m

0,2 / 5,0

  laser guidance (1.064 μm, pulse energy 0.1 J, 10 Hz), mrad


Average automatic search time in sector 60ох16о, ы


System composition

  • gyro-stabilized platform which contain:
    - television system;
    - thermal imaging channel;
    - laser rangefinder;
  • digital computer;
  • control and display console;
  • capture and tracking automat;
  • analog control unit;
  • block code-phase converters;
  • power supply.

Main advantages

  • high precision weapons;
  • high noise immunity;
  • ensuring the combat work at any time of the day and in difficult weather conditions;
  • high combat work automation;
  • opportunity of autonomous automatic sector search of a target;
  • high stealth combat operations.