About product

Marine anti-aircraft missile and artillery complex for near the line of defense.
The complex is designed for almost guaranteed destruction of all air attack weapons, including anti-ship missiles, flying at low and ultra-low altitudes, at the near lines of the ship’s defense.

Tactical characteristics

Defeat zones, km:

in range

   by missiles weapons

up to 10,0

   by artillery weapons

up to  4,0 

in elevation

   by missiles weapons

up to 5,0 

   by artillery weapons

up to 3,0 

Reaction time, sec

3,0 – 5,0

Ammunition, pcs:

   anti-aircraft guided missiles




Weight with ammunition, kg


Basic principles of a complete set of a complex

  • the use of combined armament consisting of specially designed «Sosna-R» high-precision missiles with laser aiming and two high-performance AO-18KD cannons, which led to the creation of a continuous defeat zones in the area of responsibility of the complex;
  • the use of optimal configuration anti-aircraft missiles, which made it possible to increase the impact efficiency by increasing the mass of spaced warhead and using a non-contact laser fuse with a continuous circular radiation pattern with an adaptive time of detonation;
  • the use of a specially designed original multi-channel automatic high-precision, almost all-weather and all-day optical-electronic weapon control system;
  • use of a tele-orientation system in a laser beam to control missile weapons;
  • ensuring high noise immunity due to the use of highly targeted protected optical-electronic channels for detecting and tracking the target, measuring the range and pointing the missile;
  • ensuring the possibility of detecting targets autonomously with the help of optical-electronic weapon control system with a sector review and in the mode of obtaining automated target designation;
  • implementation of automatic and semi-automatic guidance modes.

The main advantages of «Palma» anti-aircraft missile and artillery complex

  • high firepower combined with short flight time of the missile and high firing speed of the artillery unit;
  • high combat effectiveness, including high-speed and low-flying targets;
  • full automation of the process of combat work;
  • short reaction time (time from the moment the target is detected until the fire is opened);
  • the ability to conduct combat work at any time of the day and in difficult weather conditions;
  • stealth preparation process for shooting and high survivability;
  • insensitivity to radar and optical countermeasures used by the enemy.