About product

It is intended for small military and administrative-industrial facilities and areas air defense from airplanes, helicopters, cruise missiles and high-precision weapons, guided bombs and remotely piloted vehicles, as well as to strengthen air defense forces in repelling massive air strikes and ensuring the destruction of lightly armored objects.

Tactical characteristics:

Ammunition, pcs.:

anti-aircraft missiles on launchers


artillery shots


The defeat of ground targets
by missile and gun

is provided

Rocket artillery

is provided

Hitting targets
on the move

is provided

Combat crew

3 people

Anti-aircraft guided missile

Missile speed:

average D=18 km

1300 m/s
700 m/s

Maximum overload

32 g

Missile weight:

in container

92,0 kg
72,5 kg

Missile length in a container

3300 mm


march step
starting step

90 mm
170 mm


fuse type

fuse range

20,0 kg
7 mм

Cannon armament


30 mm

Initial projectile speed

960 m/s

Durability of trunks

not less then 8000 shots.

Projectile feed type


General characteristics

  • action universality on aerial and ground targets;
  • the shooting opportunity in motion;
  • modular design principle, providing accommodation on wheeled, tracked, towed, stationary bases;
  • the noise-free multiband radar-optical control system presence;
  • all-weather and all-day use;
  • small-sized anti-aircraft guided missile appliance with a command guidance system;
  • simultaneous four targets shelling, including three in the radar, and one in the optical mode;
  • combat work flexibility - autonomously, according to the «Master – Slave» principle or under the control of a battery command center.

Additional information

Combat vehicle

Combat vehicle is intended to perform tasks assigned to a complex to defeat a wide range of aerodynamic targets - manned aircraft, remotely piloted aircraft, precision weapons and anti-radar missiles - in all conditions of combat use, at any time of day and in any jamming situations.

The combat use autonomy is determined by the unification of the means of detection, tracking and hitting targets in one combat unit.

The modular principle the combat vehicle creation is based on allows it to be placed on various transport bases and in a stationary design.

Subunit control center

The division (regiment) control center is intended for the automated control of the combat operations of air defense units and subunits armed with the «Pantsir-C1» air defense missile system in repelling the massed strikes of the enemy’s air attacks.

The tasks resolved by the regiment control center during hostilities:

  • combat planning and combat documents development (commander’s decisions);
  • planning the operating frequencies of the radiation of radio electronic means (radio beam detector, divisions, launcher radio equipment);
  • calculation of closing angles for selected positions of radio beam detector, calculation of radio beam detector zones and divisional shelling zones;
  • laying and displaying on the Computer Simulation Center routes of divisions and launcher regiments during redeployment;
  • topographic and geodetic binding and orientation of regimental facilities (launcher, radio beam detector).

Transporting machine

It is intended for:

  • two ammunition combat vehicle transportation and storage (24 anti-aircraft missiles + 2800 30-mm shots);
  • ammunition loading from the ground and economic machines;
  • combat vehicle ammunition loading and unloading.

Machine repair and maintenance

It is intended for:

  • conducting maintenance-1 and maintenance-2 parts of combat vehicle electronic units, as well as troubleshooting and repair, namely:
  • automated diagnostics of faulty units, faults elimination by replacing the faulty part from the spare parts and tools composition, post-repair settings;
  • combat vehicle systems radio electronic and opto-electronic repair.

A set of machines for SPTA group kit storage and transportation

The kit is intended for placement, storage and transportation of the portable part of the group set of spare parts, tools and accessories (electronic units) of combat vehicle.

Mobile adjustment device

Basic test equipment kit

Test equipment kit is intended to provide inspection sampling control of the missile defense during storage. Control is carried out by the automatic missiles verification method without removing them from the transport and launch container.