About product

It is intended to destroy almost all air attack weapons, including high-precision weapons such as cruise missiles and guided aircraft missiles, in the area of responsibility: in range - up to 10 km, in height - up to 5 km

Basic principles of creating complex

  • placing missile weapons with a launcher on a single combat vehicle, means of detecting and tracking a target, and means of controlling missiles in flight, united by a single optical-electronic control system weapon;
  • the missile armament use, consisting of 12 high-speed high-precision missiles «Sosna -R», placed on the launcher, which small mass made it possible to exclude the transport-charging vehicle from the comple;
  • the use of combat equipment missiles of optimal configuration, which allowed to dramatically increase the impact efficiency by increasing the mass of separated warheads and using a non-contact-contact laser fuse with a continuous circular radiation pattern with an adaptive time of detonation;
  • use of a specially designed original multichannel automatic high-precision, almost all-weather and all-daily optical-electronic control system;
  • use of a tele-orientation system in a laser beam to control missile weapons;
  • ensuring the possibility of detecting targets autonomously with the help of optical-electronic control system with a sector review and in the mode of obtaining automated target designation.

Main advantages

  • high combat use effectiveness, including for high-speed and low-flying targets, as well as for jumping helicopters;
  • a high degree of automation of the process of combat work;
  • the possibility of conducting combat work at any time of the day and in difficult weather conditions;
  • secrecy of the process of preparing the shooting and high survivability;
  • no restrictions on the minimum flight altitude of the target to be hit;
  • insensitivity to radar and optical suppression tools used by the enemy;
  • the possibility of shooting in motion.