About product

9A35M2/M3 combat vehicle while being «Strela» 10 anti-aircraft missile system part is intended to directly cover ground forces units in all combat types and on the march, as well as small military and civilian targets from low-flying air-guidance weapons (aircraft, helicopters) , cruise missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles) with their visual visibility. The complex is characterized by ease of use, efficiency and high reliability

Tactical characteristics

the transfer time of the launcher from the traveling position to the combat mode

not more than 20 s

four missile launcher reloading time

3 min

the clotting time of the combat equipment of the complex with the readiness to march

2-3 min

the mass of a fully equipped combat vehicle 9A35 with a crew, with the installation of 6P10M and ammunition for it, with watercraft

(12300 ± 240) kg

maximum movement speed of combat vehicle

61,5 km/h

fuel range

500 km

floating speed

5-6 km / h.