About product

It is intended to protect military units in various combat forms and on the march from air attack and reconnaissance, diving and flying at low and very low altitudes.

Tactical characteristics

Noise immunity

High interference resistance, including modern high-power optical interference, regardless of their setting method

Ability to work at night and in adverse weather conditions

is provided

Recharge time, min


Operation mode

autonomous and centralized control

Modernization goal

The modernization goal is to ensure the complex operation at any time of day and within limited visibility, as well as the opportunity of conducting an autonomous sector-wide search for targets. It is achieved by incorporating a thermal imaging system, an automaton for capturing and tracking a target, and a scanning unit. The spectral range of the thermal channel is 3-5 μm and corresponds to the spectral range of the self-guidance of anti-aircraft missiles 9М333 (9М37М, 9М37МД).

Basic principles of creating complex

  • preservation of permissible mass and overall characteristics and energy balance for a combat vehicle when placing newly introduced equipment;
  • the minimum amount of modifications to the design of the launcher and the combat vehicle as a whole;
  • the minimum possible number of blocks and connecting cables of newly introduced equipment, given the complexity of their installation and routing within the combat vehicle;
  • the minimum possible revision of the standard combat vehicle equipment, electrical connection diagrams without disrupting the existing functional connections between the components of the combat vehicle equipment;
  • preservation of combat crew functions in accordance with existing operational documentation;
  • ensuring the maximum possible adaptation of the combat vehicle operator when working during the day with a standard optical sight and at night with a video viewing device.

Main advantages

  • high reliability and ease of operation;
  • high performance, allowing to fire air targets on the oncoming and follow-up courses on the principle of "shot-forget";;
  • the possibility of conducting combat work at any time of the day and in difficult weather conditions;
  • secrecy of the process of preparing the shooting and high survivability;
  • high efficiency of combat use, ensuring the defeat of modern air targets within powerful optical (thermal), as well as modulated interference, regardless of the way they are set;
  • the ability to resolve a combat task in an optimal way, due to the presence of a multi-spectral homing vessel in the missile defense system.