Strategy 2025


«High Precision Systems» joint stock company scientific production association integrated structure is the defense industrial complex organization specializing in high-precision weapons systems and tactical combat zone complexes field, which implements a full weapons and military equipment cycle, from the formation of an idea to the finished products sale.

The integrated structure mission is the creation of effective complexes of precision tactical weapons, surpassing the best world samples, based on innovations and technological modernization of the holding's enterprises.

Basic goals

  • Armed Forces provision with high-tech weapons during the implementation of program activities of the State Armaments Program and State Defense Order as well;
  • ensuring parity with world leaders in the market for precision weapons of a hostilities tactical zone;
  • ensuring the effective functioning of the holding's companies;
  • research and production and staff potential preservation, ensuring social stability at the holding's companies.

Priority directions

  • The holding scope is to produce, modernize and repair weapons, military and special equipment in the following areas:
  • anti-aircraft missile and rocket-cannon complexes of short-range and short-range;
  • shipboard anti-aircraft missile and artillery systems;
  • anti-tank missile systems and assault weapons complexes;
  • guided artillery systems;
  • armament complexes of armored vehicles, combat units of lightly armored vehicles;
  • automated artillery fire control means;
  • armored vehicles active protection complexes;
  • optical-electronic means of surveillance, target detection and weapon control as well;
  • infantry rocket flame throwers and anti-personnel manual and automatic grenade launchers;
  • small military, service and civilian weapons;
  • technical means of ensuring the rocket and artillery weapons operation and repair;
  • training equipment for rocket and artillery weapons;
  • special Space Forces facilities;
  • topographic and geodetic binding systems.